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Monday, January 23rd, 2006
6:19 pm
DIEGO! er...yes *ahem*
woah...sorry i havent been on for ages...i have been on holidays and...yeah.
theres no excuse for it but yeah.
i've finished four and have started five.
i think it is rather long-winded, but im happy its done.
reading garth nix...again. i have to get across the wall or i'll die!

Chapter 4: Reflections and visions

Strife, our wondrous world, was born from the ruins of another age. An age obsessed with material wealth. The world called simply “the world” or “earth”. The people in this world were, for the most part; ruthless, avaricious, and cruel. However some were kind hearted and caring for there fellows. Although many families can trace their lineage to this age , the great families grow fewer and fewer it is beginning to become apparent that any records or memories of this age will fade away.
For the people of in-bloom their ancestry is not from this age. It is a mystery where they beckon. Many say “Commonwealth of Australia” or “Atlantis” but there is no evidence either places existed so it is still shrouded in mystery.
The capeast, whom live near the northern forests and ruins near in-bloom can be traced to, what was called “Ikea”. Ikea is, by many scholars, believed to be a vast kingdom, which spread through most of what was called “Scandinavia”. However many rogue scholars have refuted this saying it was a type of merchant shop. These people are considered mad and are quite often pelted with rocks.
The rhyones from, what is now the syndicate headquarters southeast of in-bloom near the Gwen River, were originally from “Glasgow” or “great Britain”, it is unsure which exactly. There the syndicate extinguished interest in the past when they took up residence, which is a shame to the study of the old age. Many scholars were killed or censored by the syndicate, however this happened to many scholars throughout strife.
But some of us still write for the sake of our future. So our children will not grow idle to their past…
-“tell me of everything” a scroll by Charlie Blake and Someday Hirano

His smile was perfect; his eyes were perfect…everything about him was perfect. Even surprised he was so unbelievably handsome. He wasn’t blonde any longer but the dark colour seemed to focus the shimmering green of his eyes. it all made him look so sophisticated, far from little George I had once known. His eyes wandered to mine and, for a second, I wondered what he saw.
A freakish looking girl perhaps? With deathly white hair and face enshrining unbelievably bright blue eyes. No. He probably just saw what he saw all those years ago…a girl he could tease for his own dark amusement.
I tore my eyes away from his but I could still feel his gaze on me. The white knights looked at both of us fixedly.
“Songbird?” George asked in his deep voice.
I nodded in his direction. Storm gracefully swayed from behind me to where Hayley and Gemma sat and poured herself a goblet of the green stuff. Hayley looked at me questioningly, whilst Gemma simply gazed longingly at George.
George moved swiftly until he was opposite me. I met his gaze again. Something from those eyes was stirring under the surface…
“it has taken me a long time to find you but here, in the most unexpected of places I find you. It seems that I will always find you wherever I least expect. But, alas, it seems to me that you still degrade what status we shade’s have given you by surrounding thine self with..” he looked at Gemma who was trying to babble something “well, dregs”. With that haughty remark I felt a surge of repulsion and hate I hadn’t felt in years. I couldn’t bare being around him. That angelic face only a mask for the horrible man that lived inside.
I reared from his eyes and quickly strided towards the tent. Not careing what anyone thought , but he was too quick for me and cornered me like a lion stalking its prey. He confidently moved forward, closer to me. Until I could smell his alcohol tinged breath.
“their my friends George. I guess you don’t really understand what that word means do you? it means we stick together. Don’t say bad things about them or I’ll have to get some of my friends o teach you a lesson about friendship.”
“oh yes, I know what friendship is…don’t you think your being a bit narrow minded by just saying ‘we stick together’ what about saying ‘we forgive each other’ or ‘we help each other to grow’. Songbird you’re a friend to me , whether you like it or not and you’ve helped me to do so many things believe it or not. I just wonder if you are befriending the right people…”
my mind wandered to courageous Daybreak. Was he really courageous? He never seemed so. Maybe George was right.but no. there is always good in people.always.
“are you done?” I said trying to restrict my voices waver.
He pouted and flung a perfect hand to his face to pull back an elusive hair.
“you are not much of a talker are you? I expect that Obsidian Blake always spoke for you. just like Charlie Blake did for your mother..” he deliberately let his voice trail off.
“ how do you know Obsidian?”
“well…many years ago we were quite good friends. Well that was until the war then poor Obsidian lost everything; his parents, his fortune, his name. The Syndicate, being the syndicate, sent out assasins to find Obsidian and kill him, but Obsidian somehow escaped. He managed to make it to he orphanage on the outskirts of In-bloom and was adopted , under another name of course. But from what I hear there not particularly fond of poor Obsidian.”
He looked into the murky twilight of the ruins and I realised just how long I had been here. Hayley began to shiver and Storm wrapped a arm around her softly. Gemma took her eyes off George to pluck a tune on her guitar.
The tune was like a lullaby. The graceful chords expressing longing and contentment. The tune swam with my soul; evoking emotions I missed so much.It wrapped itself around my heart like a blanket. I felt like I was flying I felt so light and happy. She looked at me and smiled shyly. Hayley and storm hummed with her. Both adding there own feelings into the song. Storm nodded at me. How could I add into that beauty? I began to hum with them but my melancholy seemed to disturb the peace of the song. Like a dragon being woken from sleep. i remembered when I sang…
“I’d give up forever to touch you…” I sang longingly, somehow it seemed to echo the feelings in my soul.
George spun around to look at me, his face blushing. For a reason I didn’t know why.
Then I saw this girl, pale and beautiful, like the most white of flames. Her face was tranquil behind that white exterior. Her eyes mesmerising me then she sang with that wondrous lamenting voice…
“Cos I know that you’ll feel me somehow”
I wondered if any had touched those pretty little rosy lips, I wish you would know songbird…
I froze….I was in Georges mind. I felt how he connected with the songs longing. He sat beside gemma slowly, commenting on her playing but she was lost in the song. I felt that everyone only wanted what was outside of me, wait he felt that. He looked at me again and I felt a wave of longing so strong I could hardily believe it. I didn’t want to invade his mind. It was wrong. Embarrassed I focused my mind away from his, onto a stone lining the fire. I imagined its face and rough voice…
I fell asleep dreaming of princes, ancient magik and talking stones.

The clang of armour. Hayleys shrill laugh. The soft caress of a hand against my face.
I mentally shied away from this sound. My eyes slowly adjusted from sleep. I rubbed them and saw I was lying in a hammock not far from the camp. The sky lay before me, a light hue of crimson as always…except perhaps when it was raining.
I began to shuffle back to camp trying to wipe the damp dew from my face and forcing myself to wake up.
“Morning Songbird” Hayley said.
I answered her with a number of groans, it wasn’t a good morning. She shrugged and picked up a roll and some cheese and threw it to me.
“thanks” I mumbled.
“well, well, well, so were finally awake are we?” said George haughtily.
“shut up”
“Songbird! You don’t talk to a duke like that!” screeched Storm.
“its too early…”
“no it isn’t its 3’o’clock!”
“yeah…its too early. Whys he a duke anyway?”
“Im a duke because my uncle who died had no sons and he said in his will I was to be duke.”
I yawned at him and he scowled back. Hayley laughed at him and he gave her a cruel look, so much she cowered. He smirked and strode self-assuredly into the tent. I followed quietly, desperately needing something to drink.
George had dyed his hair blonde again and stood in front of a broken mirror admiring himself when I stepped inside. He looked at me for a second. I met his eyes unflinchingly.
“are you stalking me Songbird?” he said boldly.
“you wish Duke George”
“you don’t have to call me that you know”
“ and you never had to say I was a reject but you did. I can say whatever I want. You’re a duke; so I call you duke George. It’s called a title dumbass. I’ve never been to school and I know that. You went to all the finest schools and you’ve learnt nothing, a waste.”
He looked ashamedly at me. For a fleeting moment I felt almost sorry for him. He looked so hurt. Nevertheless I felt proud at what I had done. He was simply getting what he deserved.
“It appears we are both living lives we are not suited to. It’s a pity but that’s life isn’t it. My shoes are too big and yours are far too small.” He said cryptically.
He turned and I heard that familiar noise I had heard whilst bathing…
“George…you were watching me weren’t you?”
“We will always be living….what?”
“now Songbird, I wouldn’t call it…argh!”
I launched myself at him wanting to pulverise every inch of his perfect body I saw. He began to run frightfully but I lunged at his leg and he fell with a thump into the dust. He let out a loud cry for the white knights. I unsheathed my dagger threateningly and he screamed.
The white knights burst into the tent and pried me off him. I bared my teeth at him. I thrashed about trying to free myself from them.
“what the hell do you think your doing Songbird?” storm demanded of me.
“he was watching me in the woods…”
“George? Were you?”
He nodded gloomily getting p and dusting himself off.
“er…a bit of help here Storm” chirped Hayley.
I kneed Gemma in the stomach and she bent over painfully.
“ I only want to hurt George, if you stand in my way I will do the same to you. Wait I’m sorry! I can be so forgetful in fits of rage! Duke George”
Storm shook her head at me. George danced confidently around me. He knew I could do nothing back, just like all those years ago…
A sick smile graced his face, it made him look like a grotesque doll. Then he laughed his horrid laugh. Gemma and Hayley let me go, when I went placid. I kneeled on the ground. None of this would help my friends. Obsidian, Sonnet, Aberfeldy, even Daybreak. I began to feel grief stir deep inside me and I began to whimper.
I covered my eves with dirty hands as I felt warm tears grace my face.
I composed myself after a moment and looked at George. He had that same face I had seen when his family left me to the streets. His eyes flickered with fear and torment.
“im sorry” he whispered.
Then he was wearing his mask again.I stood and made to leave…forever.
“tell me Songbird, are you a virgin still? Or could I have simply have bought you off the streets?” it was like he had punched me.
“You sick freak! Do you bang off to this sort of thing do you?! I’ve never had to do that and I never will” my voice wavered with anger. I clenched my teeth instinctively.
“would you have done me for free? I’ve had many women…none quite like you though I must admit”
I couldn’t help it as I strode forward and slapped his face. I grasped his ornate collar and punched his nose. It snapped sickly and blood spattered everywhere. The white knights didn’t restrain me this time. They just stood there. I let go of him and he collapsed. He began to moan and I bent to where he lay and tilted his head back. I fumbled about the tent until Gemma passed me a handkerchief to block his nose.
“thank you”
“you don’t deserve it” I said truthfully.
Storm coughed an intrusion. George looked at her spitefully.
“what?” he snapped.
“Duke. We have to give her in to the syndicate…”
“I found her, finders keepers” he said sheepishly from behind the now bloodstained handkerchief.
“why must you always be something your not George?”
“ I ask the same of you Songbird…” his breathing was beginning to shallow “ Outside, Thief…do you think you are fooling anyone?” he fell back into the dirt unconscious…or pretending to be. He was always good at pretending.
The white knights rushed to his side gathering, or rather fumbling, George into their arms.
So you’ve done well George. I’ve done the exact opposite. Will you go home to cry to Stargaze and Medea of how I hurt you? Will you continue this charade of love or hate me?
I can’t hate forever. If anything I pity you. You, who has been entrapped within a perfect world, without anyone by your side. You, who has never known happiness or love. George has never known about those wondrous emotions…he only mimics them. From who? Stargaze who was unhappy, bitter and cold even before you were born. Your mother? Medea who ignores with an upturned nose and hasn’t anything but vanity in her superficial mind. Or me? Songbird The unwanted one who has nothing…but whenever she’s in trouble you try and help. You can’t help but help me. Why? You think you love me.
You’re conscious aren’t you? You want to see what I feel for you. I’m sorry to disappoint you but I wont be by your side balling my eyes out saying over and over again how “I love you”.
I should have turned back. So many times. I’ve never loved you. This obsession you have with me makes me sick to my core, but you’ve never had anyone else.
I looked behind me. A tangent string in my heart wants you to stop pretending. If your wounds feel the air you’ll heal instead of fester in darkness…that sounds too much like Obsidian.
Obsidian. My soul tugs at me urgently. I see you in front of me grinning. Everything around you is radiant with life. You’ve healed. You’re eyes seem so bright, like little pools of moon lit water. You beckon me forward but then you disappear.
What’s going on? My mind asks frantically. A shadowy figure running right at me, snarling. it swipes a fist at me, I rise and hit it in the chest, no its just air. No. What’s happening? I see the world enveloped into darkness. Pain. Everywhere is such searing pain. I scream for someone, anyone to help me.
My body slams into something hard. It feels so far away now. My mind, body and soul are being torn apart. I scream again. I can’t feel the pain or my body anymore. I panic. My mind gropes for a connection to my body and it feels that my body somewhere is under violent convulsions. My soul steers me away. My mind and soul fix on something in the darkness. They rejoin and the world steadies in front of me, like a fog has been lifted. Slowly I see things; Auburn sky, yellow papery leaves, a bright red apple.
I’m in an orchard with two lovers. There embrace passionate but sad. My soul picks up there feelings; an intermingling of sorrow and love. Shes laughing and weeping, staring deeply into his eyes, shaking her head over and over.the man is in a blue syndicate uniform pale hands enveloping hers.
“I love you Diego” she whispers longingly.
He just looks at her for a second then slowly tears himself away. My heart feels there love bond being slowly broken.
“I have to go…” he says, unable to hide his grief. He walks away so slowly, it might have been a year I stood looking at them.
The girl collapses against a tree, worn hands covering her eyes.
My mind nudges me to another memory.for a moment I am lost in the black void again.then I see where I have been taken…
A frozen lake surrounded by towering green forest. A woman as white as snow stands defiantly in the middle as a dozen syndicate knights surround her. She wears red and gold, the colours of royalty. Slowly she turns, taunting the knights to take her on. I recognise her piercing gaze, she is the Queen Lovefair. Cruelty and maliciousness linger in her cold black eyes.
The man I just saw is creeping slowly behind her. His shield with the red dragon emblem of the syndicate. He holds a stubby wooden wand behind it.
The porcelain queen Lovefair screams. Rays of red light flash around her. A few of the knights slowly move back but the man continues to creep forward.
She raises her glass hands into the air, crossing her arms. A single red flame trickles from her arms. The man holds his wand out and mutters something under his breath. Lovefair screams as a blue flash of ice slashes her arm open but her arms remain in the air. She looks at the man, loathing etched into every inch of her face.
“scattermancer!” she shrieks.
The flame laughs then attacks the man. It slowly strangles the air from his lungs. In a moment he is dead. All sign of life gone. The other knights vanished.
I leave that sad…memory?
I’m drowning in darkness again. Then my mind rises to consciousness. A rush of warmth my greeting into life once again.

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Thursday, December 29th, 2005
10:59 am
wow....chapter 3!!!!!!!!
wow....i keep writing less and less...i think its THIS DAMN HEAT!!! its driving me crazy!
if you havent yet.....SEE NARNIA:the lion the witch and the wardrobe!!!
mr tumnus is so amazingly handsome.....*sigh*
my only bone to pick is that the WHITE witch is CREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!
but anyway....here it is....

Chapter 3: the white knights

A lot of people think they know me, but the only person who knows me is me. If you think you know me, you’re delusional.

I think the one I love is dead. I dreamed he was just…holding me telling me everything would be ok. It was a perfect moment in my wishy washy life. Sometimes I wonder if I can ever have a moment like that again. I don’t cry about it, I don’t cry about anything. I don’t think I can feel anything… I’m so numb I think I’m dead sometimes.

I woke.
My white hair singed from flames and my body stiff. I’m in the crumbling ruins on the outskirts of In-bloom lying against a pillar. What was once luxurious marble towering into the sky was now chipped and decaying. My clothes are damp with mildew and I’m practically black with soot. My arm is burnt slightly but I’m ok. Well physically at least. Mentally I’m alone, friendless, but I’m ok.
A scent wafts to my nose. Someone’s cooking bacon and eggs somewhere. My stomach grumbles. I follow my petit nose to a humble campfire. Three women are stretched out in front of a raging fire dosing. Beside them I see botched armour with an insignia of a dancing pink rabbit as their crest. Never in all my life had I seen a crest quite like that. Normally they were of fierce creatures like wolves or chimeras. I let out a bark of laughter all three suddenly woke, startled and rushed hap-hazardly to their swords.
Meanwhile I sat on the log deciding to offer myself some food.
The tallest of the three with dark waves of hair looked at me as I took the pan off the fire and pulled the sleeve of the smallest and skinniest one “er…Hayley? “ she said in imperal language. In proper Chargm language it means “er… Hayley? The girls staring at our food!”. But now I had progressed from staring at it to wolfing the stuff down as fast as I could. I didn’t care it was piping hot and scalding my tongue. I was so hungary I could have eaten my leg.
The one called Hayley eyed me wanly from behind the tall one then said “Storm?” Not knowing if this was someone’s name or the weather I looked to the sky. Bright and sunny. the tall one nodded. So it was a name.
The one called Storm took the empty pan from me slowly. Then looked at me closely.
“you’re from In-bloom, right?
I nodded. She led me to a huge azure blue tent With various odd objects lying around; diagrams of various dragons, leather bound books, yellowing scrolls, ink, Shining shields and huge cauldrons of assorted foods each smelling better than anything I had smelled at In-bloom. She shuffled over to an ancient-looking glass bottle and poured a goblet of potent green liquid. I gagged at its bitter minty aftertaste. The third woman looked inside tentatively and sat on a huge silky cushion. Her unruly locks of hair obscured bright green eyes. She held a ornately carved guitar and had colourful flowers tattooed up her arms She hummed a song but stopped when she noticed me looking back at her. Like a mouse she left and closed the canvas tent.
“that’s Gemma.” Storm informed me “she’s a bit shy. I am…”
“Storm” I said
“and the skinny girl is..”
“ and you are?”
Storm frowned at this. She pinned back a stray hair and sat down. Hayley entered cheerfully to whisper something into Storms ear. Storm nodded.
“he should be arriving soon but, well, you know that he’s like”
I looked at Hayleys face. It was noble and happy but her eyes were confusing and sporadic and couldn’t seem to focus on one thing for too long. She looked at me and wrinkled her nose.
I sniffed myself and choked from the smell. I wondered how I looked to them in rags, sooty and damp with smears of dirt in my long hair and on my face. I felt so embarrassed I blushed.
Hayleys face changed to pity.
“her names songbird” storm told her.
Hayleys face was startled for a second they she composed herself.
“ Songbird, I’m going to the river not far from here to clean some clothes. Oyu’re welcome to join me and have a good bath.”
I thanked her and we set off once she got her pile of clothing. The river was crystal clear and untainted. I walked further down the river from Hayley for privacy and slowly walked in. my own reflection looked up at me. I wasn’t very pretty. I had grey greasy hair and a blackened face. the only part of me I recognised was my constantly changing blue eyes. As I bathed in the river I saw all the grime leave my skin and hair revealing perfect white skin and hair. It was whiter than I ever imagined.
A heard a groan from the trees nearby. I turned but saw nothing except trees. I dived underneath the water and grabbed a smooth pebble when I heard another groan I threw it in the direction of the noise. I heard what sounded like a gasp and footsteps running away.
“ AND DON’T COME BACK!” I told them.
I got out and put on the rags again. When Hayley and I returned to camp Gemma and Storm looked pleasantly surprised. I thought I looked like a person half-drowned. White locks clung to my face and neck. Gemma rushed to get me some clothes instead of rags.
“if you want some privacy you’d be better off going into the woods. Just shout if you need some help” gemma said sweetly.
She handed me a violet shirt and skirt and went to sit with Hayley who was playing chess with Storm-and apparently losing.
I went once again into the woods. This time as I undressed I could see where the rags had imprinted dirt back onto my skin. I sighed, then that noise again. Hastily I fastened my skirt and shirt, which were slightly too big for me. I waited for what seemed like hours. Then…nothing.
A bird? My mind tried to reassure me.
I leaned on a ancient trunk Outside the camp to put a shoe on when I heard it again. I shook my head. A flock of birds. My mind surmised. I waited a few minute but heard nothing. I shrugged my shoulders and into the tent Where the others had gathered.
Hayley was sleeping again, twitching like a dog and murmuring things. The other two were talking over a cup of the green stuff. Gemma was lazily beginning to pluck at her guitar when she saw me and told me to come over. Storm poured me a cup of the foul stuff and they continued talking as if I wasn’t there. My mind Lucidly wandered in the humid atmosphere.
I would have to leave soon. I couldn’t stay forever, no matter how much I wanted. I had to…I mean I couldn’t…I didn’t know what to do. Despair washed into me like a flood.. I focused on the conversation to try and distract myself.
“well…yeah I guess, but you’ve got to admit he’s a notoriously good lover Gem”
Hayley twitched in her sleep mumbling “chocolate” and licking her lips viciously. Storm laughed with Gemma. I felt a smile grace my face gradually. Hayley woke and stretched like a cat. Gemma passed her a glass of the green stuff and she muffled a “thanks”.
“The dukes half your age Storm” Gemma said disgustedly. Storm went as red as a tomato and looked away. I crept into the conversation.
“Men always like older women” I uttered to no one in particular. Gemma covered her mouth to hide her giggles. It all seemed relatively dull to me. I yearned to be back in In-bloom. Slowly I crept away trying not to be noticed. Gemma noticed and rushed at me. I started to bolt but she was too quick and tackled me to the ground. Winded and defeated I just lay there in the dust for a moment as all three laughed at me.
“oh yes very funny, ha ha.” I said sarcastaclly.
Hayley got up and offered me a lightly tanned hand, I accepted. Storm surpressed a smile.
“so you are Songbird…hmm .you resemble Lovefair” gemma told me matte-of-factly..
“yes, I am Songbird, whoop-dee-doo!. Now would you kindly get off me?”
Gemma got up in a cloud of dusty earth. I coughed and took a sip of fruity drink from a silvery flask Hayley gave me. I thanked her and sat down with the trio. Storm shuffled to sit behind me and began to braid my long white hair.
“you are better off staying here for the moment, From reports we got from Illusion stationed in In-bloom, it’s a mess. What about your family? Do yo want us to contact them for you?” she asked.
Family…if only I could say I have family. I felt lonelier than ever in that moment than ever. I had nobody. Why even bother returning to In-bloom? A nasty voice thought in my mind. I shivered. I have to find my friends there. I have to find my friends there…there was no other choice for me.
Storm saw my expression and shook her head, letting out a long breath. Her dark hair became a veil to me, and somehow, I felt her pity. She smiled peculiarly and poued herself another drink.
“im guessing no?” she said wraping a comeforting arm around me.
I sighed and nodded a yes. She poured me a goblet of the green stuff and I pretended to drink it politely. She looked shot a happy look and went to get a apple from a roughly hewn basket from just behind Hayley.
“yes, that pale face is Lovefair’s.” said gemma.
“who is Lovefair? I asked, happy to have a distraction from the loneliness that had once again crept into my heart.
Gemma and Hayley sent questioning looks at each other as Storm yanked my hair painfully.
“do you mind not pulling my damn hair out!?”
“Well, so-rry!”
“Storm stop it she was only…”Gemma stopped talking and began to stare behind me, her mouth gaping And her face pale. Hayley stood up but fell over when she stood, then tried again, subsequently failing then she Compromised and managed to kneel. Storms hands clutched at my shoulders painfully, but she stubbornly wouldn’t let me turn around to see what it was.
“hey! Do you mind? I wanna see what it is already!” I said childishly.trying to wriggle out of Storms Strong grasp.
Then…the noise again I had heard in the woods and the clinging of chain mail.
“Excuse me for my late arrival ladies, but time waits for no one, and I am no exception” came a deep regal voice.
“time is more flexible than many think it is.” I replied.
I wished I could see this mans face. See what he was thinking. But all I could here was his deep breathing.
“yes…I guess that could be so...” The sound of metal clanging again. “so how are the white knights this enchanting morning?”
They replied with a series of gargles and sighs. I laughed and they snarled at me to shut up.
“I couldn’t find her. The syndicate were ruthless in their destruction. Illusion and Johara are helping with the cleanup as we speak but it’s pretty bad.”
Hayley and Gemma blushed at each other and I felt Storm loosen her grip.
“well you didn’t find her…” Storm said from behind me.
“where is she?” the voice said frantically.
Storm flung me around…and I saw him in all his glory…George.

its finished....
the story needs to be lengthened.
love feathermind.

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Saturday, December 24th, 2005
12:28 pm
new chapter!
hiya! didi here!
greetings to all those plutorians out there!
this is a new chapter of my story the adventures of the songbird.
its in dire need of editing and is a teensie bit arduous but its finished. ENJOY!

Chapter 2: freedom as thieves

Darkness is a flimsy thing. Light, darkness’s brethren, is so much stronger. Light surpasses darkness in every way, however there are times where it consumes all…but I believe there must be a light strong enough to light even the darkest corner.
-Quotzar Coulson

In times of old, when kings and queens ran our world, times were good and just.the world flourished and grew under their charmed rule. In-bloom was the nucleus of our world of strife and we were learning more and more about the world around us and of our past. But shadows loomed in those precious days; the syndicate.
The gracious kings and queens of the past were now corrupt and greedy. The only remedy for this poison was the syndicate. In a violent rebellion the syndicate took over the running of our world. However they too had opposition by those loyal to the old times, and the king Phoenix and Queen Lovefair.
For the most part they kept quiet but prestigious families, such as those of Blake and Shade, still openly fought the syndicate in what was largely thought of as a losing battle. Any hope that the old times may return was destroyed by the syndicate who sought to extinguish anything to do with the old times.
However one hope still remained for those faithful; the prince Songbird. For he was the heir to the old times legacy and with him alive there was still hope. However nobody knew where he was, many indeed thought he was slain by the syndicate. But that single hope was enough to keep the old time supporters from unrelenting despair.
-“tell me of everything” a scroll by Charlie Blake and Someday Hirano

So I grew with my friends on the street, but now I was truly one of them. It was like a dream, every day I would awake (rather stiffly) from my mildewy bench and admire the sun rising in a fiery parade over hazy ruins. It didn’t seem quite real. Perhaps because of how old I am now. It seems like a totally different life.
Quite often as I roamed around In-bloom with Obsidian, sonnet and Daybreak would join us. Daybreak would clutch Sonnet’s arm protectively as we snuck through the alleys. She would rebuke him but we all knew he wouldn’t let her go off by herself. He was like those Nazi’s I had heard ghastly tales about. Of course it couldn’t be real half of the things they did. We learn through our stories, it’s our way of telling the lessons history has told us. It would be a close two thousand years since that dark age. Two thousand years and humanity has learnt nothing.
Like the ages past we have people who have been swept out of view of the world. We were they. We’d beg and steal to just get by. I still remember the revolted looks I’d be given. I think because of this I talked less and less to people until even some of the thieves I knew very well thought I was a mute. Obsidian talked for me most of the time. He’d try to get me away from that life from time to time. He’d lead me to the ruins I’d only seen in the morning splendour. We’d pretend we were dragons and damsels (Daybreak was always a damsel, if he refused Sonnet would force him or Obsidian would begin to woo him).I began to like Sonnet. She was constantly trying to create a better life for herself and she’d often drag me with her in her diabolical schemes. For instance once we tried to get into a school, unfortunately we were wearing the wrong uniform, way too happy to be even considered schoolkids and we were the wrong gender ‘mere technicalities’ sonnet had said. She was wonderful and we grew closer and closer every day. Daybreak, however, was irritating more and more every day with his logical views of everything. ‘Playing pretend is stupid’ he said to Obsidian once as he swooped on him as a motley vampire. I saw Obsidian’s face fall ‘ sometimes pretend is the only way to escape reality’ me said underneath his breath.
Obsidian didn’t like me sleeping on the streets but couldn’t let me sleep over at his place. He asked around and a kind-hearted friend of little Sonnet’s (who had a crush on Obsidian) had managed to get us a place to sleep with a prostitute named Aberfeldy. She was graceful and was like a Greek goddess; lovely to look at but with crushing strength of steel. When she dressed up for work the make-up made her look bruised, the red lipstick echoed blood. Often I saw Obsidian mesmerised with her and feel a twinge of jealousy. To cover that I’d try to laugh or begin to poke the fire with a little more force than necessary.
She had needed us there to keep her warehouse safe from the cut-throats when she was away. That’s where we came in. Obsidian’s reputation as a fighter had gotten us the warehouse.
Obsidian was becoming less and less scared; where once there were bruises there was now olive skin. He’d still get into fights but these were gradually becoming irregular as he found other things to occupy him. He still had a home with his foster parents but preferred to lie alongside us in the charred ruins of our new home. I have never been able to understand why.
Obsidian fell in love in those days. He’d always talk of this girl he couldn’t stop thinking about, I was so jealous but I never let it show. I’d nod and say ‘yeah’ or ‘wow, she sounds great Obsidian’. He refused to say her name when I asked. I guessed she was someone I knew. I guessed she was Aberfeldy. He was always so happy aound her. He’d smile at her like he never smiled at me. I tried to be happy for him but I couldn’t. Every day he’d ask me ‘ Song, how do you know if you in love?’ and I’d answer him every time with ‘Obsidian your asking the wrong person here. I cant love so I’m no help to you’. he’d always just sigh and put an arm around me. Sometimes I’d wish I could answer him. I’d plead and beg with my heart to give me the answer.
Obsidian began to grow close to Aberfeldy and I felt crestfallen. i imagined him smiling like that for me.
Then Sonnet would drag me away and let me meet a new friend she’d met. They were mostly well to do men she had fooled into thinking I was a lady or duchess or something or rather. I’d curtsy and lean close to them as they blushed they’re faces. I’d giggle with Sonnet at them.
We pretended to be many things. One time when we were pretending to be musicians I got on stage instead of the disgruntled singer and sang I was surprised to hear my voice was actually good. Sonnet and many stood mesmerised as I sang a love song in an agonizing tune. It was an old one from the ancient times before the golden age and anything. When there were contraptions that flew in the sky without wings and the clouds were a white instead of crimson. I imagined being in that world dancing in the cities where huge buildings swallowed me in their grasp.
The crowd began to cry as I felt my emotions change. I saw Obsidian there in that world in front of me with Aberfeldy in his arms and felt my soul cry for him. A girl screamed as my soul did in front of me. I was shocked into stopping. What witchcraft was this?
As if coming out of a trance people began to clap and cheer. I felt blood rush up to my face. They patted me on the back as I rushed flustered off the stage
‘That was amazing Song…’ Sonnet whispered
‘I can’t believe I did that. It was like I was seeing these things and they heard me. I…’I said.
‘You are growing. I used to hear you sing to yourself. You were just the same but now…your voice has grown.’
We had all grown together. We all joked and played those days away, not realising that soon they would abruptly end. It had been ten years. ten years together with nothing but each other. We had ups and downs but as long as we were together it didn’t seem to matter. But above all it had been ten years since I had heard the name Shade. Sonnet and I were falling asleep in the grimy floor of the warehouse. Aberfeldy stood with all the grace of a goddess.
‘Songbird’ she said ‘you know the family you used to house with’ I nodded. I knew where this road lead; they’re after my money, which I don’t have anyway, or for some reason they wanted me back.
To me both seemed unbelievable.
‘pay attention Song! Their son is looking for you. big reward involved: 2,000 river! That could get us new clothes, nice comfy beds and a home. A home Songbird!’
Sonnet jerked up from beneath the tattered blankets. I knew she’d beg me to show myself. Somewhere inside me something begged me to go but I just lay there. My body refused to move with my thoughts as my eyes drifted to the cracks in our roof, shards of moonlight trickled in. A cold wind tangled my hair. I kept seeing George laughing at me in my head. Why did he want to see me? It didn’t matter why he wanted to see me it mattered what my friends wanted me to do. What was best for us.
I give up myself, they get a home. I probably never see them again and they are safe. Seemed a simple choice but somehow I didn’t want to give up my life, my childhood. I wanted to have that life forever when everything was so beautiful. I would slowly suffocate in that life of pretend. But I was playing pretend as I was now. I remember crying on cold ground as I am crying now “give up” my mind whispered to me melodically. If only Obsidian were there to hold em close to him. To hold me and never let me go. The closest thing to a life.
I formulated a plan in my mind, I’d turn up with Obsidian, claim the reward, if need be we would fight George ( who was always a rather feminine fighter) and get the hell out of there! I nodded my approval at Aberfeldy who yawned back. She thought I was a mute and I had no reason to le her think otherwise. That suited em well.
I was a teenager now as was Obsidian we both bore scars of the past but we would be together forever. We swore our lives to each other. if one of us were in strife the other would help. I needed help now and I knew Obsidian , the perfect gentleman, would lend a helping hand. Daybreak was as big a wet blanket as ever. He constantly complained about this or that. I don’t think he ever really saw the world for all it could be to him. We still treated him well though. Even I had come to like his courage. Once he had stood in front of a boy twice his age and size to protect Sonnet. His lovely little nose was now a shattered reminder of his courage.
Soon our eternal five would become the eternal four…
‘please songbird, he doesn’t seem to be cruel or nothing. He’s very handsome you know…’ said Aberfeldy
‘behind that exterior is nothing but lust and cowardice. Oh please Aberfeldy! Of cause I can speak, I’ve just never had any reason to’
She stood gob smacked. I took this opportunity tom tell her of my ‘ get the hell out of there’ plan. She shot me a confused look for a second then frowned in thought ‘don’t you think he’ll have guards at the door?’
I didn’t think about that. I still saw him as the arrogant boy. Nothing more than that. For a moment I was distracted as Daybreak groggily fumble the plank of wood we called our door. He was slightly pale behind that dark skin. Shocked he looks at us , briefly his eyes rested on mine ‘ you should be asleep all of you’
‘Daybreak what’s wrong?’ said Sonnet.
Slowly she rose to his side, worry in her face. Outside I would hear a deep rumbling, then the could of clashing swords. Aberfeldy and I rushed to a crumbling window ‘YOU’VE BETRAYED US ALL!’ she screeched at daybreak. It took me a while to see through the smoke but when I saw it it was etched into my mind like a nightmare. The syndicate, the enemy. Daybreak looked guiltily away from us. Aberfeldy leaped at him to strike him across the face. He backed away as Sonnet was screaming at her too stop. ‘Please’ said the traitor ‘I… I thought we could finally get a better life, ya know? She’s never been one of us really’ he closed his eyes forcefully as though this was a bad dream and if he concentrated hard enough It’ll end. Somewhere I hear a melancholy of blood curdling screams. The hairs on my neck pricked up. I recoil from the smoke and screams. Outside I see the perfectly clad syndicate knights skewering people on their blood-encrusted swords all of them ask the same question ‘where is Songbird?’. My mouth is gaping and I try to scream but nothing comes out.
I look behind me where my friends stood. Now there was nothing. Nothing. for a moment I think George has done this. No. It’s not like him. Destroy a city to find a thief? Not his style. But what did I know?
I began to run. Behind me the ceiling fell in a cascade of ash and fire. I shrieked as cinders stung my face. I turned this was and that. To and fro. I was lost in the mutilated city. ‘Help me!’ I cried to the night. As I ran shadows became hollow faces with flames tearing them apart. I was alone with nobody. My sleeve caught alight as it snagged on someone’s house. I ripped it off revealing white skin. I looked around and recognised the alley that lead to the ruins. I sped as fast as I could to it. Guards would be patrolling the main gates. This was my only chance. Nobody ever went to those mossy old ruins. I was nobody so it was just the place for me.
I flew over the dilapidated wall and ran panting to the ruins. I looked back for a second at in-bloom. It looked like one giant flame. I knew now that I’d never see my friends again. I was a prince in exile. I could never see those streets again as Songbird.
Tears came to my eyes and streaked my sooty face. I began to run again. I ran from the pain but it was inside me. I stood my head and soul filled with agony and screamed. I felt weak afterwards as though I was falling then I separated from my body and began to fall into darkness.
I was falling unconscious. I was falling.

yeah its too short but i didnt want to ruin the storys "groove".
please tell me what you think......ABOUT THE STORY!!!!
love feathermind

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this is a poem my friend natalie wrote. shes going througha rough patch at the moment since a lot of her friends have backstabbed her. i hope she feels better soon!
love didi


a shiny object
piercing through my chest,
again and again.

i see a dark figure
sitting, watching
as my life slips away.

this person i knew
and they had betrayed me.

with my last dying breath,
i said, "you were my friend."

*shes a good poet*

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why am i doing this?
er....feathermind/diana/didi *confused look*
well its me.
im happy dreamwinged/lama saw this and commented.(thank you!)
this is the first chapter in the adventures of the songbird.....perhaps i should think of a less lame title.hmmm.....
be warned it has sexual refenences ,violence, really bad language and THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO SPICE GIRLS! *twitch* im guessing thats a good thing.

Chapter 1:Chained to Shade

Good women have such limited views of the world around them; their horizon is so small, so diminutive to what is there. Bad women see every bit of the world around them, but use and manipulate this to their own advantage. The most rare type of woman is the one in between, .the one who sees simply what there is and is not, if I ever see one I will be very surprised indeed.
- King Phoenix
Where to begin, where to begin. birth? conception? A twinkle in some persons eye? I can barely remember anything let alone make any sense of the memories. some are mine; most are not. Love and hate have infused my blood and have been expelled so many times I cant really feel either now. Black and white are simply grey. Nothing more than that. Nothing more than me. For I am Songbird, Thus I am nothing. I will never go back to these places I speak of…I think I knew that as I passed throughout this land. I said a slow goodbye to every town, every village. Whether they charmed me or not. As I did with each person I touched and broke…
I cant remember much…please bear with me. Much of my memoires have been erased.

I,I can remember being a happy child. Ignorant and happy as all children are. I danced in the busy streets of In-bloom not caring who saw, I dressed however I wished, I showed my emotions plainly in everything I did. I played on the roof of the mansion of ‘the great family Shade’. They would shriek and cry at me to come down but I stubbornly never did.
Life was always what was happening now, in the present.
I’d love to be a child again. To be free, but even then I was trapped. I was made to follow rules I didn’t understand, “don’t show affection for anyone”, “don’t let anyone love you”, and what Stargaze and Medea kept repeating to me throughout my life “keep away from George, our only son”.
So I followed these rules (well to the best of my ability I was barely older than six at the time).I knew Stargaze and Medea had no great worries about me, except that i was alive. I just did whatever I wished and they provided a roof over my head. I wandered around the archaic mansion and wondered what secrets it held… I used to imagine I was a chivalrous warrior on secret missions or a knight of the old age I heard stargaze speak of so fondly.
I used to hear the tales he told George through the wooden doors. He’d read classics like the lion, the witch and the wardrobe or around the world in eighty days. He’d also tell stories that made up the history of in-bloom. The legends of the old age. What stuck to my mind most was the fable of the mage.
It was the story of a magician who was brave and clever and his journey into the unknown. He met dragons and sprites and found a coven of witches. They enchanted him to take them back to his land. Once there the spell wore off. The magician ran off to tell his king and queen of the coven but when he arrived they were dead. Spread in each other’s arms. He learned off a knight of the court that their heir was missing. the coven had taken him away into the night. The magician used all his courage and found the coven. They made a deal “you may have your heir mage but we will have your soul”. With that the witches took him.
The child returned, but there was no castle for him, no people to rule. He grew older and more handsome in the ruins of his home. A member of the coven fell in love with him as he did with her. Together they started a new world filled with love and magic. The centre of this city was what we now call ‘in-bloom’.
It made me shudder with fear to think of this modern being founded on such a violent act as the taking of a soul. The mythical creatures and the magik scared George. I was indifferent to them. I never actually heard all of it since stargaze found out what I was doing and locked me in my perfect little cage. I have always thought about the coven…it was horrendous and lovely, like sirens calling to sailors.
Just like little George. He was very handsome, even as a pale child, but he was atrocious to me on the occasions we met. He dressed like a prince; regal rings and luxurious velvet in violet. He acted like a prince too. Not even glimpsing at anyone he considered ‘beneath him’.
However with me he always went out of his way to make me miserable because he knew I couldn’t do a damn thing about it.
I never knew my parents. I thought perhaps in death I’d understand why they hated me. Sometimes I hated myself so much because there must be something wrong with me. But I was a child and I thought the world revolved around me. When I grew I found out it…
Medea told me hat they rejected me because I wasn’t a boy and thus a legitimate heir to their fortune and legacy. That’s all she told me. I asked but every time I was refused more information on them. I was unwanted and George constantly reminded me about this.
Once the shade’s had thrown a fancy party for some famous whatever. I was in a cute pink dress with rippling frills. I felt sick to the bone. She had washed me as I snarled at her but she just forced soap down my throat. George was lauging at me from the opposite side of the room. It was cruel and horrid laugh. He was in a feint lavender this time which made him look like a stick wrapped in velvet. I stared viciously at him. He said in an obvious attempt to draw attention “well I’ve heard that she was such a disappointment. Her father wanted her to be dressed as a boy, raised as a boy, and eventually become a boy” then he’d laugh again. To him I was the equivalent of a jester. Even if I didn’t wear the hat. I thought him an obnoxious, spoilt, attention-seeking brat.
But that was only a mere fraction of my childhood. Much of it was spent wandering the streets of In-bloom alone. I made friends with what stargaze would call ‘ insufferable ,filthy thieves’. I was always to them a guardian. I watched over them and often stole food from the shade mansion for them. The shade’s never noticed a thing I was so careful at what I did. George once saw me taking a large loaf of bread but shrugged his shoulders and kept walking. He surprised me that day. Until that day I tought perhaps he had a brain.
My friend their saw me as a quiet girl who nobody knew much about but they knew I was no danger. They never knew how much I appreciated that simple trust.
They were clever, sly and alive; and soon so was I. Every secret the city held was known to us. I learned of good places to fight , excellent places to pick-pocket (evern though I never quite learned the art) and where to avoid our long time rivals ‘the cut throats’.
The cut throats had chosen this life over a life with a loveing family. To us it was the worst of the worst. All of us were unwanted , abandoned or forgotten. If we had a choice between life on the streets and life with a loveing family…we would choose he family any day.
This is where I began to feel isolated from them. I had a…not a family but something like that. They slept on benches and pavement whislt I dreamt in cosy crimson sheets. The girl called lostsky had a terrible reaction whenever I was around and always wanted me out of our little group. When I tried to tell her of how the sheade’s treated me she refused to listen. When I tried to say how my parents rejected me she put her hands over her ears. When at last I gave up she stormed away, dark hair flowing behind her.
Then she got violent and challenged me to a duel in luck square.i refused and she called me a coward. I knew I was a coward. She was nearly twice my age and size. I was around six whilst she was twelve. A few of my friends tried to make her see reason but she saw red.
Then I was in the raining square fists hitting me in the face. I refused to fight back as she hit me ‘c’mon stinking cut throat scum!’ she hit my stomach hard. I fell to the ground winded. Then I stood again. Rain drops sticking my hair to my scalp. Another blow to my nose. Blood trickled down in a steady flow of warmth. She stopped for a second and laughed. It only took her a moment to claw her nails into my arm. I yelped in pain. She pulled my hair back and grabbed my throat ‘scum’ she grunted. My breath was short, and growing shorter. My arm flailed for something to get her off me. Nothing. She threw me into a muddy puddle. I choked as the mud stung my cuts. The few people around us were staring in disbelief ‘help me!’ my mind begged.i began to cry as Lostsky slashed at my back with her nails ‘STOP!’ a shady figure joins us he’s prying Lostsky off me. He’s scarred and had hawk like eyes. Lostsky tries to hit him but he dodges swiftly. She cackles a laugh. He moves in front of me and carefully helps me up. She looks insane as she tries to hit me again. Her eyes are wide and bloodshot. He stops her advance and twists her wrist ‘ so we hurt little girls now do we Lostsky?’
‘whats it to you? You who is no better than that scum’
I wondered if she really has a problem with me. Maybe she was just releasing some terrible pain. I also wondered if she knew any other words from scum. I open my mouth to speak but he sends me a hushing look with those black eyes. He draws out a silver dagger and rests it against her neck. I gasp as blood oozes from her neck.
He looks at me; his eyes seemed to be looking right through me. Lostsky begins to try to struggle but this only makes the dagger draw more blood. I shudder. The rain makes the blood stain her clothes. I reach for his dagger hand and manage to make him loosen his grip. He looks on in disbelief as we look at each other ‘let her go’ I utter ‘ I don’t want her harmed’. He nods and releases her. She scowls at us and runs into the rain, the few which were watching us following. I was alone with him.
He wipes the blood onto his clothes continually staring at me ‘why did you let her go? Not many would do that girl. Do you think you can bribe her later?’
‘Lostsky’s just angry…’I say.
‘And that gives her the right to let it out on you? I saw you. You wouldn’t hurt her even if you had the advantage of speed’
‘What would you have had me do?’
He’s smiling . he takes his jacket and gives it to me. Underneath it I see his bruised body through a slashed black shirt. I put it on and feel his eerie warmth in it.he lifts his head into the rain and sticks out his tongue. I watch him as he tries to catch raindrops.
‘I would have you do as you did…because without that fight we never would have met. And I never would have thought I would know such a beautiful person as you…’ he laughs melodically and I join in. I see the darkness melting away from his features.
‘I am not beautiful…’I say.
‘you are beautiful’ he croons ‘you are unlike anyone I’ve met. You are more forgiving and kind than anyone I’ve ever met…’
he tentatively reaches for my bloody face. I shied away in pain. He rips a piece of fabric from his shirt and wipes away some blood with the rain. I thank him quietly.
‘ no worries.’ He turns his back to me ‘We should get back…home’
he stalks into the darkness. I want to reach out for him. I know I cant. I hear his voice echo ‘meet me here tomorrow beautiful!’ I blush.
We learned much about each other as the months passed by. I told him my story he told me his. He had lost his parents long ago in the fierce wars that the monarchs and the syndicate fought. His family were supporters of the syndicate and many of them had no second thoughts to fighting their king and queen. Both his parens lives were sacrificed only four years ago for the syndicate. He’d never forgiven them. He rejected everything about them and called himself obsidian radius.
We were total opposites in most respects but we were both outsiders obsessed with this world. I had a home with the Shades and he had his humble abode with his foster family whom he despised ‘poor substitute’ he muttered to me once. I though it was more then that sometimes as he continually had bruises and cuts on him. i never saw him without bruises. When I asked him one evening how he had gotten them…he looked at me, shame in his eyes and said nothing.
I never asked him that again. He’d just envelope me in his bandaged hands and smile. We quickly became like brother and sister. You’d never see him without me or me without him. Sometime’s I’d imagine we’d really been family separated at birth. I’d play pretend we were family.
When Stargaze had struck me for talking to George . Obsidian was so enthused with rage I’d never seen ‘I’LL KILL THOSE RICH FUCKERS!’ he screamed into the night. His fists clenched at his side with not target. It was nothing to me to be hit; to Obsidian it was high treason.
I remember I cried in my crimson bed that night. I didn’t much like Stargaze, Medea or George much but I would never want them to be harmed because of me.
Obsidian never did kill those rich fuckers. He was only two years older than me . Although sometimes I just wanted to do the same to them. Obsidian never even went near them. I begged him not to.
Once we were loitering in a grimey alley wondering what we would to that day when we saw the shade’s , heads held high, strutting through the main street. We looked at each other playfully and began to tail them. We saw the disgust in their eys as they were asked for money off a beggar I knew as Charlie. Obsidian flashed a smile as we sped passed him. Charlie’s face lit up and I found myself admiring Obsidian’s chivalrous side.
Soon Sonnet and Daybreak joined us. Sonnet was only four then. She had been born to the streets but was taken away from her mother and placed in an orphanage. Years later when her mother managed to get her out Sonnet didn’t recognise her. They were only starting to know each other again. But their love remains as does their collective yearning for a better life. Daybreak was ten and had courage etched into his freckled face. He wasn’t often on the streets which was odd. I dismissed it.
They were as good friends as Obsidian and I were. Sonnet however was obsessed with me. I still don’t understand why. Wherever she went Daybreak went …even if he didn’t like us much.they were good pickpockets but often lost all of their earnings to the cut-throats. Neither of them were very good fighters.
Sonnet followed in my shadow as Daybreak trailed.Obsidian stopped us as the Shade’s promenaded into a fine bookstore. George looked bored as he tiresomely looked at the leather bound stories but apparently Stargaze was aking the woman working their something.
We watched on like predators, Obsidian’s eagle eyes focused on them “that’s them” I said. He nodded not pring his eyes from the Shade’s ‘why are they here?’ he replies. I didn’t have an answer. I hadn’t even seen them in weeks let alone talked to them.
Sonnet grabbed my hand ‘I bet you’ll be like them one day song’ she bellows in a scary imitation of George. I laughed with her but Obsidian and Daybreak scowl at us. Daybreack flings back his ginger hair ‘we’ll be seen if you do anything like that again Sonnet ‘
‘oh bollocks!’
‘excuse me! You shouldn’t say stuff like that!’ he replies.
Obsidian manages a smile even though he has a busted lip. He looks at Sonnet proudly and laughs to himself. Daybreak notices and gives him the finger. Sonnet laughs and runs into the street Daybreak follows, happy to be away from us.
I throw a lazy arm over obsidians shoulder, being careful of fresh cuts ‘a smile Obsidian? Of course Sonnet makes you happy doesn’t she?’ I say playfully. He sways closer to me, his chest pressing against mine ‘i’m in love!’ he sighs. I batter my eyelashes at him and pout ‘ oh phooey! Damn love! We’ll just have to eliminate this love’
‘but I don’t love Sonnet I love Daybreak’ I let out a melodic laugh ‘ those shining hazel eyes, that ginger mane of hair… how could a girl resist?’
‘ quite easily as a matter of fact’ I say.
‘having fun are we songbird?’ says a austere voice. George. I twisted around to see him, arms crossed, staring blatantly at me. Obsidian moves awkwardly towards him. I see a hatred shine in his black eyes. George sluggishly moves to a sooty wall and leans against it. It smears his rich cloths sadly ‘so this is the sort of person you like?’ he laughs that horrid laugh again ‘ they are dregs Songbird. We’ll then again you’re not exactly proletariat material are you?’ Obsidians eyes narrow as do mine.
George moves idly away from the wall until he’s barely a metre away from Obsidian. Their differences are plain on their faces; Obsidian was once handsome but life had scarred him , George was perfect but had an imperfect, cruel heart.
Stargaze moved behind his perfect son like an ominous cloud and looked at me like I was a maggot. I knew Obsidian would have to go but he stood their. If they were going to harm me they would have to get through him first. I felt my heart yearn for him not to go but I ignored it. I couldn’t risk him getting hurt. I wouldn’t.
stargaze opened his mouth like he had been poisoned ‘we don’t have a place for you anymore girl. I’m sure that’ he pointed to Obsidian ‘can look after you?’. I nodded. I could trust Obsidian with my life. George’s face turned from sneering delight to a fearfull face I’d never before seen ‘ you just can’t leave her here!’ my heart felt a pang of guilt. Had I been wrong about him? Did I just misunderstand him? All of those atrocious things I had wished upon him I began to regret. I looked at his face again to see if he wasn’t just being sarcastic, but all I see in those grey eyes was a deep concern…for me.
I had never seen this side before. It had never occurred to me that he had a heart. I always saw him as perfect George, prince George, arrogant George. Never did I see him as being the boy crafted into his father without being able to play or have a thought of his own. I had never seen him have a single friend.
But why was he defending me?
Stargaze grabbed disobedient George’s arm and forced him to stare into his cold eyes ‘ she’s dangerous George. We endanger ourselves by having her near us’ his voice wavered with dislike. George pulled away from his fathers grasp and stalked off into the streets of In-bloom. Stargaze shook his face ad followed.
I know now I should have followed. I should have taken George away from that decadent life.
But couldn’t change that. I cant.

im not sure if its any good. tell me either way or die!

love feathermind

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going nowhere
greetings fello earthlings, i bring love (and cookies).
i am feathermind, *accio brain!*
to those (few) that know me, i am diana.
i'm writing a not very good story.I THINK I'M POSSESSED BY THE DEVIL!
devil:oh no! your not pinning this on me!
is i just me or does Johnny Depp seem to be able to do anything? heres my story!

The adventures of the songbird
By Diana meharg
Prelude: a Songbird dies

I’m crying on the cold stone floor again. A blade kissing my neck. A foot on my back. I cant believe he’s won. I was so close to having everything; the one that I love by my side, the dagger I was meant to have all along and the truth about me…
He’s cackling at me .blood of a thousand lives laps down my chest, a deep crimson.Each breath is a gasp of agony.i know if I don’t get help soon I’ll die.this is the future I didn’t forsee.i was meant to win, I was always meant to win.
He cruelly fings me onto my back. Clots of blood form at my mouth.he slaps my face. I wish so much I could see his face now.would it triumphant? Or would it be disappointed?is he happy I’m dead?no. I cant give up. I’m not dead yet.
If only I could go back, tell george how I truelly felt about him…to perhaps even change my fate.i’m falling into the depths of uncoinciousness.it pushes my mind constantly now.what if I were to give into that dark urge?to succumb to death and rest in eternal peace…
His hands now run down teary cheeks, their warmth tickles my lifeless skin.i had never felt his touch until now. It was shy, carefully meandering across my face.i flinch in anticipation of more pain. He laughs again, this time I feel his warm breath on my ear “You are a fool Songbird, but I am in debt to you because of it.I furfill my debt now…” he’s pinning me down now. I know he’s raising the blade above me.he’s too strong I just cant escape. I cant do anything but scream “I promise to make your death quick. Songbird…” he speaks with loyalty in his whisper.i feel metal pirce my chest. A thousand memories come to mind. I cant handle it. So much death aound me. Life wasn’t always like this ,was it?
As I accept my death, I remember…

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